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2014 Golf Goals

Like most of you – for me, every year is started with excitement and optimism about all the ways I look to improve my golf game. This year is no different. I have four primary goals for my golf game in 2014, and here they are.

Bring the fun back

When I first started golfing in 2006, it was all fun all the time. I used to go with coworkers about once a month just to socialize and didn’t have any expectations of myself since it wasn’t really something I was into. Just occasionally making good contact with the driver was all the pleasure I sought. If I outdrove one of the guys who was a more experienced golfer, I was stoked. I never got mad because I didn’t care. I was just there to have fun. Naturally, as I’ve progressed and put higher expectations on myself, I’ve somewhat let that part fade a bit too much into the background, and my anger would get the best of me. It’s time to bring the fun back and not be so angry with myself about bad swings, or poor scoring rounds.

Get fit. Stay fit.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have an 85 year old gentleman join me for a round of golf. He looked great, and swung the club really well. And on this particularly hilly course, he was walking to and from his cart and ball with vigor. I was impressed and inspired. I want to be able to play this beautiful game for as long as possible, and I want to make sure that I’m doing my part to let that happen. This includes eating well more consistently, too. To paraphrase Mark Wahlberg, “it’s easier to stay fit than to get fit.”

Fight back

Sometimes I feel like I’m being beaten up by a course, or that my swing has abandoned me out of nowhere, and I find myself just about giving up during a round when things just aren’t going my way. I may start the round off steady and feeling as if I’m going to start making things happen, but then it starts getting worse. I get so bummed out and want to stop keeping scoring. I forego my routine and  just lazily hit the ball just to get through it. Afterwards, I’m disappointed with myself and wish I had just chosen to fight back and remain patient, stay present and try to make the next shot a good one. Or, at least try to engage myself in trying to learn something new from what’s happening. Part of this goal is to also continue to score and record every round played.

 125 and In

If you’re a golfer, you’ve likely heard that scoring well happens by having a solid short game. One PGA instructor, Bill Schmedes, states that the short game, from 100 yards in, equates for just under 70 percent of golf shots. That’s a pretty outstanding statistic. Personally, I’d like to extend this range another 25 yards to help with distances I tend to leave my approach shots. For me, this is typically a PW (115-125), GW (90-100), and SW (70-80). Leaving these shots short or sending them offline contributes to those unwanted bogies or worse. In 2013, I only hit 30.7% of greens in regulation. Perhaps more important is that I missed 69.3% of the greens in regulation. More G.I.R.’s are in order for 2014.

So, there we have it. What are you goals? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great year!

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