Aloha, I’m Michael. I love golfing, surfing and making killer coffee. My passion for golf drove me to start this site to share my thoughts, experiences and other interesting findings with other like-minds that love this game, too. I’m also a fan of fashion, design and technology and am a User Experience designer at a tech startup in San Francisco.

What does Nice Impact mean? The name, ‘Nice Impact’ alludes to something that all golfers strive for with each swing we make. To make solid, nice impact is what golfers describe as a blissful and addictive feeling when the clubface meets the ball just right—sending it flying through the air towards the target. Whether it’s with a driver, a wedge, or a putter, making consistent nice impact is the goal. Golf is also a great social opportunity to express your personality, so when it comes to looking good on the course, one can also make a fashionably nice impact with their wardrobe. Last but not least, golf can teach valuable lessons that can be applied to all of life, and when we all do good things for one another, for our community, and our world at large, we hope to make a nice impact in all we do. Welcome to Nice Impact. Mahalo, and please share with other like-minded lovers of the great game of golf.

Play well.