My 2014 Fantasy Foursome

My Fantasy Foursome

I imagine everyone has a list of people who they’d love to tee it up with, or at least thought about it once or twice before during a conversation with fellow golfers. It’s always fun to toss out names of those you might enjoy playing a round with with if access weren’t an issue. Over the years my list has changed, but currently – here’s mine (in no specific order).

Adam Scott

Why: This Masters champion seems like a super cool, humble, down-to-earth, and slyly funny guy. I like that he’s a surfer and currently sports UNIQLO clothing. I like Adam’s general mannerisms, how he carries himself, and of course – his incredible swing. I’d love get even a single piece of feedback from him that might help me improve my swing.

Justin Timberlake

Why: It’s not necessarily because  JT is a celebrity, but admittedly – he won me over a few years ago with his sense of humor. Because of that, I’ve also opened up to his music; which I’ve also become a fan of. It was cool to learn that he’s a golfer and I eventually grew to appreciate that he is the “total package”; an entertainer, artist/creative, and sportsman. I respect him, and I think I’d enjoy his company and sense of humor, his love for the game, and sense of fashion on the course.

Michelle Wie

Why: Michelle seems to be a good person all around, and I admire her attitude and accomplishments both on and off the course. I respect the fact that she chose to go to college to achieve her degree as well as allow herself the opportunity to grow as an adult. I think Michelle would be a fun person to talk to and I’d certainly love her input on my game.

I suppose I chose each of these people based on my perception of their balance of humor, humility, kindness and good vibes. Thoughts about my list? Who’s on yours? Leave me a comment below and let’s ’em!

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