Longer days. More golf!

This is one of my favorite times of the year. No, not because of the (much needed) rain, nor or the sakura trees that bloom so beautifully, but because it means the sun is starting to stay out longer; which means more opportunities to golf! Personally, I wish it were summer and fall all year long. Being able to do both of my favorite activities (surfing & golfing) in the same day is my heaven. With the longer days, I can realistically get out for a surf at sunrise, then head to the course and play eighteen. Or, walk the links in the morning dew followed by a sunset slide session.

I’ve been longing for the days of 36 holes since last September. I absolutely love the feeling of being on the first tee just minutes before the sun cracks the horizon and trying to make a putt with the last remaining hint of daylight. It’s time to get your game in gear, and hit me up if you’re ready to start those rounds!

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