Review: 2012 Cobra AMP Forged Irons

Fantastic well-balanced, cavity-back iron with a generous sweet spot.

I’ve been playing the Cobra AMP Forged Irons with KBS Tour S+ shafts (stock) since February 2013. With approximately 100 rounds and countless range sessions with them now, I thought I’d share my experience with them.

First off – I wasn’t necessarily looking for new clubs when I came across these irons. At that time, I was enjoying playing the Mizuno MP-53’s with Project X 5.0 shafts. But, when I picked up the Cobra 6-iron at a local shop and made a few swings with it, it just felt nice. Admittedly, I was attracted to the fun orange color on the head of the iron, and it’s overall visual style is clean and “updated” without being too much. They set up really nice at address. When looking down, they have very little offset and a fairly thin top line that looks more like a “player’s” iron, giving me confidence that I can really get at it.

Hitting off the turf at my local range, I compared them head-to-head with my Mizuno MP-53’s and noticed that the Project X 5.0 shafts felt a bit softer than the KBS Tour S+’s. The club’s leading edge moves nicely through the ground, but not necessarily any better than the MP-53’s that I could notice. However, it’s the way the KBS shafts felt throughout the swing that was the key for me. And combined with the feel at impact, it was a nice combination. With the AMP Forged irons, everything (clubs, me) felt very balanced and my tempo more even; especially through the down swing and impact. I didn’t have any Trackman numbers to refer to, so it was really just about feel and visual distance for me. My ball flight with the KBS shafts was noticeably lower – a good thing for me. I don’t believe I picked up any distance with the AMP Forged, but again, I feel my general tempo was smoother which I feel was helping me make more consistent contact on the center of the face. Over time, I did start to pick up some distance (maybe 5-7 yds per club) as I’ve learned to make a better swing with them. In terms of forgiveness, I believe the AMP Forged clubs are a touch more forgiving with off-center hits. Compared to the feel of the MP-53 at impact, I’d have to say the Mizuno’s felt a little softer (in a good way). The AMP Forged irons still felt great like you’d expect from a forged club, but maybe with a slightly more muted feel perhaps due to the multi-composite materials used. I can’t provide too much info on “workability” of the irons as I’m not currently much of a shot-shaper. My natural shot shape is a fade, and occasionally I can manage an intentional draw. However, when I want to hit a nice cut, it is certainly no issue with these irons and the flight is beautiful. One notable issue in regards to quality/performance; the head came off my PW. Twice. It didn’t fly off, but just loosened itself up and twisted slightly until I could easily pull it straight off. I’m guessing it was a simple “not enough glue” issue.

I’ve now played these clubs for the past 14 months and my index has gone from 15 to 10. Just playing these clubs gave me a lot of confidence which in turn inspired me to want to improve my golf swing. For me, playing good golf is equally about being inspired and having equipment that inspires you can be beneficial in your quest to playing better golf. From my amateur perspective, I feel these are a great set of clubs for anyone from an 8–16 HCP. Style, innovation and feel – it’s all there. Got questions? Leave me a comment below and let’s chat.

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  1. Mike "Duke" Duskus

    Couldn’t agree more. I guess Cobra should pay us something for pimping their clubs, but after hitting Michael’s clubs during a round, I bought my own set. As I work through my life-long pursuit of improving my game, I’m confident these clubs are an asset.

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