Seamus Golf Head Covers

Easy to use and beautifully made with the finest quality wool

For my birthday this year, my good friend Dan surprised me with a very thoughtful gift; a custom driver headcover from Seamus Golf. Located in Portland, Oregon, Seamus makes woolen golf accessories using the finest and most elegant 100% woolen fabrics selected from local mills in the Pacific Northwest as well as distinguished mills from the United Kingdom. The quality of both the materials and construction are fantastic, and I particularly like how they can take personalizing one step further by fabric and color choice by adding a small leather patch that can have your logo or other identifier on it.

The headcover fits my 460cc driver head comfortably and is very easy to get on and off, but doesn’t feel loose. In fact, there is a nice elastic band in the lining that acts as a gate to keep the headcover from coming off unintentionally. If you enjoy accessorizing your game, have a look at Seamus Golf. I may just pick up another!

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