Winter Golf in NorCal

When I moved from Colorado to California in 1998, I wasn’t a golfer. In fact, I really didn’t know much about (nor care for) the game at all. I maybe picked up a club or sloshed through a round about once every couple of years with friends (who also didn’t really play), or my dad (a solid player). Ever since picking up the game in 2007 I’ve maintained an insatiable passion for golf.

Lucky for me, living in Northern California allows me to play golf just about year-round. Sure, we have a rainy season that generally spans from December to April, yet more often than not, we are still lucky enough to be able to get out and play under some gorgeous sunshine-filled winter days. With the sun rising a little later, first tee times are around 7:00 am at most courses, and twilight rates kick in around 2 pm. If you (and the groups in front of you)  hustle, you can just about squeeze in a full 18. Temperatures generally range from the low 40’s to high 60’s throughout the day. When temps get below 55 F, it can feel like you’re hitting a rock, but the trade off for being able to play is usually worth it. So, if you’re contemplating a winter getaway that might include some golf, hop on a plane to the Bay Area and shoot me an email. I’d be happy to join you for a round or three.

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